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Our vessels service a wide array of solutions from Ro-Ro and Auto, to even Break Bulk cargo.

Atlantic Trade Route

Atlantic Route
Our vessels make regular calls to the following ports:
-Emden, DE
-Halifax, NS
-Davisville, RI
-Baltimore, MD
-Jacksonville, FL
-Houston, TX
-Veracruz, MX
the roro process on cargo ship


Multiple Cars parked in line at harbour


Break Bulk

With a stern ramp weight of up to 120 tonnes, we are able to ‘roll on’ and ‘roll off’ a wide range of vehicles and equipment.

Agricultural Machinery
Tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers and trailers

Crated Machinery
Factory relocations and the transportation of capital equipment, including electronics and specialist machinery.

Heavy Haulage Trucks
Easy and cost effective transportation of heavy haulage trucks.

Construction Equipment
Earth moving equipment, wheel loaders, bulldozers, portable cranes, excavators and dump trucks.

Other Vehicles
Motorhomes, carvans, boats on trailers, helicopters and buses.
Our liner services allows car manufacturers worldwide
to export large number of vehicles in a cost effective and timely way.

Our predictable sailing schedule provides peace of mind about delivery dates. Low damage rates and highly experienced staff mean we are the preferred shipping provider for a number of world renowned car manufacturers. Using the latest EDI technology we are able to streamline the import/export process.

Benefits to the customer include the tracking and tracing of cargo, the bulk transfer of data such as invoices and the booking of cargo electronically.
We can transport oversized or heavy weight static equipment. Siem Car Carriers has a fleet of 62′ and 40′ roll trailers and each vessel has its own tugmaster.

Both rolling and static cargo including agricultural and farm machinery, mining equipment, drill rigs, transformers, windmills ad crated turbines.

Construction Materials
Timber, steel, pipes, coils and other construction materials.

Ship ramp attached to land


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Siem Car Carriers AS specialises in the transportation of automobiles, roll on roll off (RO-RO) and break bulk cargo, while operating a fast, regular and direct service.
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