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The Siem Group introduces Siem Global Logistics

by Patrick Murray

July 29, 2021


The Siem Group is proud to announce the launch of Siem Global Logistics (SGL). SGL is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), with the capabilities to move shipments of any type, whether it be bulk, container, reefer, or RO-RO.


Siem Car Carriers has long specialized in the transportation of automobile, breakbulk, RO-RO cargo. With the experience of SCC employees spanning across the maritime industry, it was time to use this expertise to offer new supply chain logistics solutions for other types of cargo.


Visit SCC’s new website and “Request a rate”. Customers for Siem Car Carriers and Siem Global Logistics can now work with our team of professionals regardless of what type of shipment they have. Our global sales team will work with you to complete your shipping plan.
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Siem Car Carriers AS specialises in the transportation of automobiles, roll on roll off (RO-RO) and break bulk cargo, while operating a fast, regular and direct service.
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