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Striving for a Greener World with Siem Ship Management

by Patrick Murray

July 19, 2021

Sustainable Development is an immense issue facing our planet, humanity, and all business entities in the 21st Century. Our industry poses significant risk to the marine environment, and with so much happening in the world today, that risk is often overlooked.


Siem Car Carriers and Siem Ship Management share with the surrounding community, the important responsibilities towards the environment in which we live and work. We are continuing to heighten our efforts to address environmental issues by striving to meet more stringent ISO standards as well as intensifying our own company policy.



Siem Ship Management has recently been awarded with the latest ISO certifications for Quality, Environmental, Energy, Health and Safety management standards. This level of certification shows that Siem’s management systems, operation processes, and services provided are continuing to meet the strict standards for sustainable development.


Siem has for some years qualified for QUALSHIP 21 status and has been achieving certification on more units of its Car Carrier fleet. In the effort to eliminate substandard shipping, the USCG has focused on improving methods to identify poor-quality ships, and recognizing and rewarding higher-quality ships at Port State Control (PSC) inspections, by creating the QUALSHIP 21 program. This program has recognized Siem Car Carriers’ fleet for their outstanding performance at PSC inspections.


Another environmental initiative that Siem has committed to is a unique Compliance Program over and above MARPOL. The aim of this program is to mobilize both ship crews and managers to implement additional environmental protection activities beyond the scope of the MARPOL Convention. These activities involve additional obligations, but the full understanding and pro-ecological attitude of our employees make the responsibility sincere.


Picture from boat at sea of a rainbow


The Clean Cargo Working Group is a pro-ecological organization that Siem has been a member of since 2019. Clean Cargo members share a vision of a shipping industry that is a responsible part of sustainable supply chains and that supports clean oceans, healthy port communities, and global climate goals. The group and its members measure, evaluate, and report their environmental performance including CO2, NOx, Sox and Environmental Management Systems.


Efforts on the part of Siem have been made to improve the entire trade community by participating in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) program. CTPAT is a voluntary program which focuses their efforts on protecting the international supply chain through the commitment of companies like Siem to support and comply with high level cargo security standards. Through this program, Siem has implemented stringent security protocols within its facilities, including the SCC Fleet.


By focusing our joint forces on the implementation of these very important programs and initiatives, the Siem Group is helping to preserve the environment, as well as the trade community, from the many factors that pose a threat to the world today.


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