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Luxury Vehicles aboard the Siem Aristotle

by Patrick Murray

May 28, 2021

Many of the head turning, jaw-dropping vehicles you see driving down the street today come from all over the world! These high-end vehicles are safely transported around the globe daily via ocean going PCTC vesels. Luxury vehicles exhibit the leading edge of performance, comfort, safety, and technology in the automobile industry.




These vehicles would not make it to the highway or your driveway without the dedication and care of Ship Officers such as Third Mate Sergii Nor.


Sergii is the Third Officer aboard the Siem Aristotle. He and his team often sail on our vessel for months at a time, standing watch and maintaining ship systems that are essential to the successful delivery of these automobiles. Sergii managed to find time during his busy work schedule to capture amazing images of the ship and cargo. The accompanying photos were shot and edited by Sergii while onboard.


Thank you Sergii and the rest of the Siem Car Carriers crew for your efforts and dedication, you are a big part of our success!



Ship ramp attached to land


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