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Siem Confucius wins Shippax Deep-Sea Ro-Ro Environmental Award

by Patrick Murray

September 29, 2021

The Shippax Awards were launched in 1996 as a means to stimulate innovative solutions and trendsetters. The idea behind it is to promote noteworthy design features on newly-delivered ro-pax and ro-ro vessels.


The announcement and hand-over of the Shippax Awards 2021 took place in conjunction with the Shippax Ferry Conference, held on board PEARL SEAWAYS, 31 Aug-2 Sep 2021.


Siem Confucius photographed by Third Officer Sergii Nor


Operator: Siem Car Carriers
Shipyard: Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry
Naval architect: Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI)


SIEM CONFUCIUS is the first deep-sea PCTC equipped with dual fuel engines, designed to operate on LNG. The 199.9m long by 38m beam vessel is equipped with a MAN B&W 7S60 ME-C GI engine with 12,614 kW output, resulting in very economic operation and ultra-low methane slip.


For the maximum possible range, the vessel is equipped with two large 1,800m³ LNG tanks located forward of the main engine room. The 7,500-CEU vessel is chartered to VW Logistics, transporting VW Group vehicles between Emden in Germany, the United States East Coast and Gulf, and Mexico. SIEM CONFUCIUS has pioneered the use of LNG to reduce the carbon and environmental footprint in the automotive logistics chain.
Ship ramp attached to land


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