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Ship to ship LNG bunkering with Siem Car Carriers

by Patrick Murray

March 19, 2021

While LNG is not the final solution to emissions problems in the shipping industry, it is a huge improvement achievable here and now, and it is the introductory fuel in the undertaking of green shipping.


Shipping has been recognized for centuries as the most important method of transportation, and that still holds true today. Almost 90% of goods shipped today are via ocean transport. Unfortunately, with this great demand for shipping comes environmental distress as well.


Up until now, ships have mainly run on fuel sources like Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or diesel oil. These sulphur-heavy fuels emit large quantities of harmful gases that pose a great risk to the safety of the environment as well as human health. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) continues to implement new and more stringent regulations on the allowable limit for sulphur emissions. These emission goals will no longer be possible with traditional marine fuel, and for that reason, LNG is a big step towards eco-friendly shipping.


The idea of utilizing Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) has been discussed in the industry a lot in recent years, and many car-transport companies have been late to act.


At Siem, we have taken the lead with the introduction of the Siem Confucius and Siem Aristotle.

LNG is a natural gas that has been cooled and condensed into a liquid. Using LNG as fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25%, nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 30%, particulate matter by up to 60% and sulphur oxide emissions by up to 100%.


Ship-to-ship LNG Bunkering is a new concept as well. SCC has already reached many new milestones in this field of operation. Just last month the Siem Confucius worked with JAX LNG and TOTE Services to complete the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering of a foreign-flagged vessel at the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT). This week, the Confucius completed yet another successful ship-to-ship LNG fueling in Emden, thanks to our partner Titan LNG.


Whether the vessel schedule allows for day or nighttime bunkering operations, SCC has ensured the safe and effective completion of this fueling by working with some of the world’s leading LNG suppliers, as well as providing the vessels with experienced crews and implementing thorough training and operations guidelines.




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