Press Releases


Governor of Rhode Island visits the Siem Cicero

Explore the Siem Cicero and NORAD’s vehicle processing facility with this in-depth video from last week’s event at the Port of Davisville.


Luxury Vehicles aboard the Siem Aristotle

A look through the eyes of SCC Third Mate Sergii Nor at the high-end autos transported around the globe on the Aristotle!


The Siem Plato arrives in the Port of Emden

The Siem Plato has arrived in Emden, Germany for the first time!


Siem Plato’s Journey Through the Panama Canal

The Siem Plato's addition to SCC's Atlantic Service commences with a successful transit through the Panama Canal!


This is Siem Car Carriers

Come explore who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it, at Siem Car Carriers!


The Siem Plato is underway for the Atlantic

Exciting news for Siem Car Carriers as the Siem Plato awaits transit through the Panama Canal, bound for the Atlantic!


Ship-to-Ship LNG Bunkering with Siem Car Carriers

While LNG is not the final solution to emissions problems in the shipping industry, it is a huge improvement achievable here and now, and it is the introductory fuel in the undertaking of green shipping.


Siem Aristotle & Siem Cicero cross paths in the Chesapeake Bay

Explore more of the environmentally friendly features inside the Siem fleet, with the Siem Cicero!


Drone Footage of Siem Socrates: The Antioch Transit

Take a bird’s eye view of the Siem Socrates as she completes the first transit to Antioch, CA!


Siem Car Carriers and AMPORTS successfully transit vessel to Antioch

Innovation does not stop at Siem Car Carriers with our new LNG vessels! We are pleased to announce the successful transit of the Siem Socrates to a new terminal under development in Antioch CA.


A look inside the LNG powered Siem Confucius

Step into the boots of a ship’s officer or stevedore, as we take you on a tour of the Siem Confucius during discharge operations in Davisville, RI!


Siem Car Carriers AS wins Volkswagen Group Award 2020

SCC claims the prestigious Volkswagen Group Award 2020 for their sustainability achievements!


Siem Car Carriers’ fleet continues to grow with Super-Eco, LNG powered PCTC vessels

SCC's sustainable innovation continues with the Siem Aristotle


Environmentally Friendly on a Long Voyage

Volkswagen describes its commitment to environmental sustainability through the employment of our vessel, SIEM Confucius


World’s largest Super-Eco, LNG powered PCTC ship completes maiden voyage


Siem Plato Leaves Shipyard

Siem Plato Sets Sail


Seven Yield Press Release

Siem Car Carriers is pleased to announce the press release of Seven Yield's delivery of the Siem Confucius to Siem Car Carriers


Naming Ceremony of Siem Confucius in Xiamen, China

Naming Ceremony of Siem Confucius on the dock in Xiamen. Volkswagen representatives were in attendance.


Siem Confucius- Launching at Xiamen Shipyard / 22nd May 2019

The first deep-sea LNG powered PCTC joins the Siem Car Carriers Fleet!


Mexico City Office Grand Opening 2019

Mexico City Office Grand Opening 2019

Siem Car Carriers is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Polanco, Mexico City.


SCC Receives FCA Ocean Carrier Award

Siem Car Carriers is pleased to announce that we have been named the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles North American Ocean Carrier for 2017.


Siem Cicero Loading – July 2017

The Siem Cicero has loaded its first shipment of new automobiles in Emden Germany, for delivery in USA and Mexico.



Siem Cicero is the first Pure Car Truck Carrier built in SIEM Group. Vessel was built in the Uljanik Shipyard in Pula and delivered on 20 June 2017 to the Owners.