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SCC claims the prestigious Volkswagen Group Award 2020 for their sustainability achievements!


Siem Car Carriers AS has won the Volkswagen Group Award 2020 for Sustainability. This award acknowledges the exceptional service and innovative capacity with which Siem Car Carriers AS has used to aid in the progress of Volkswagen Group’s mission of carbon-neutral mobility, as stated in the certificate of thanks.



The award commended SCC on taking a pioneering approach to sustainability, environmental and energy conservation, by commissioning the two largest, ocean-going LNG ships that will be used to transport vehicles between Europe, Canada, the USA, and Mexico. The congratulatory certificate further stated that SCC’s implementation of the new vessels will help reduce harmful emissions by replacing a conventional car carrier. Volkswagen AG added that their relationship with Siem Car Carriers ranging back to 2015 has greatly contributed to the success of their maritime transport goals.


“Changing established ways of doing business is hard, particularly in a slow-moving industry such as shipping. The leadership of Volkswagen Group has been at the heart of this project, inspiring the efforts of a truly international consortium of talented people. It was their vision which helped us to recognize that due to unprecedented levels of scrutiny and new regulations in the shipping industry that compliance alone is not enough. Innovation is necessary. We are therefore very proud that these two vessels will bear our name.”  ~ Kenneth Ross, CEO, Siem Shipping.


Among Siem Car Carriers AS are seven other companies that displayed outstanding dedication towards the furthering of Volkswagen Group’s goal of e-mobility, in their respective field. These companies include Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG, HARTING Automotive GmbH, Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging Co. Ltd, Mueba Carbo Tech GmbH, Nemak S.A., Shanghai Automobile Air-Conditioner Accessory Co. Ltd, and STIWA Advanced Products GmbH.


Dr Christiane Eckert, Head of Group Production Strategy and Environment at Volkswagen AG, the godmother of the Siem Confucius and Siem Aristotle, was present at the naming ceremony which took place in Xiamen, China (as seen in corresponding image above).


“To me as director of strategy and environment at Volkswagen Group production, it is a very proud moment to see how these vessels are “coming alive” today. With them, we will be starting into a new era of sustainable overseas shipping. On behalf of the Volkswagen Group, I thank you all very much for making this happen, this will even further strengthen our long lasting and fruitful partnership with SIEM.” – Dr. Eckert