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A rare look inside the operations of the LNG powered Siem Confucius!


The operations of a PCTC vessel are complex, challenging, efficient, and mysterious, especially for those who have never seen them take place. With this short video, we give you a unique perspective into what working on the Siem Confucius is like, as discharge operations commence, thanks to North Atlantic Distribution (NORAD) in Davisville, RI.


Video Credit: Hector Huertas


Siem Car Carriers is pioneering the environmental conservation movement of the shipping industry one vessel at a time. Operating solely on Liquid Natural Gas, the Siem Confucius and her sister ship, the Siem Aristotle, are reducing harmful emissions at a remarkable pace that conventional vessels of their size emit.


“I am extremely pleased with how the Siem Confucius and Siem Aristotle have performed, Volkswagen and SCC share a mission of green shipping, a joint commitment that has rarely been seen in the industry. I am also very grateful for our partnership with NORAD, they have ensured a smooth operation for our vessels in Davisville and we are working together to develop new business in the port.” ~ Jeffrey Campbell, President, Siem Car Carriers.


It is partnerships like Volkswagen and NORAD that are helping SCC to pave the way for a new age of shipping, and Siem’s relationship with the two will continue to grow as they expand their business and influence.


“NORAD and the port of Davisville were proud to be a part of the historic moment when the Siem Confucius arrived in the United States for the first time on her Maiden Voyage. The commitment to preserving our environment and providing for a greener future are evident from Siem and Volkswagen and should be viewed as a great leap forward in reducing the emissions produced by global shipping.” ~ Matthew Martyn, Director of Business Development, North Atlantic Distribution (NORAD).