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  • Environmental Approach

    As a major shipping company we are actively working to decrease the environmental impact of our activities and reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources used by our ships.  We do this through efficient use of resources, environmentally conscious waste management policies and the use of the latest technology.

    The shipping industry transports 90% of global trade, and is statistically the least damaging way of transporting products around the world.  However, organisations like the IMO predict that without action from all responsible shipping companies the CO2 produced by our industry could double by 2050.

    We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and in order to reduce our emissions we focus on reducing our vessels’ fuel consumption.  ‘Slow steaming’ reduces a ship’s speed by 10% which in turn reduces its engine power by 27% and CO2 emissions by 19%. By operating a policy of slow steaming across the Siem Car Carriers’ fleet our ships are more fuel efficient and produce less emissions.  In fact, our analysis suggests that for every ton of fuel we don’t burn across the 3 vessels operating the NAPA service, we save 150 tons of CO2 emissions every day.

    Ballast water management and waste stream management are also part of our environmental approach.  When ballast water is drained out of a ship, 10 to 12 billion tonnes of water is moved between ports; mismanagement of ballast water has the potential to have a devastating effect on marine life by transferring harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens.   By focusing our staff on the efficient recycling and continuous improvement of how we manage water and waste we aim to both reduce use of the earth’s resources and prevent accidents.

    In January this year, the global fuel sulphur limit was reduced from 4.5% m/m to 3.5% m/m. The heavy fuel oil used in international shipping contains around 2700 times more sulphur than road fuel.  When burned, the air pollution produced is particularly harmful both to human health and the environment. All our bunker supplies are considerably lower than the statutory IMO regulations in an aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

    By incorporating ecological standards and reducing our impact on the environment, we are taking important steps towards making the future of the shipping industry more sustainable.